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Raidmax - Smilodon mid-size ATX Gaming case

Summer 2012 Update

Leviathan Technicians are happy to announce we are resuming our PC services. After taking a break for spring quarter, we are back online! Call now to schedule an appointment. Feel free to call with any questions.

REVIEW: MSI GTX 460 TwinFrozrII - 768 Mb 192 bit

Coming soon!

REVIEW: Radeon HD 3870 - 1Gb - 256bit - 320 SPUs - 55 Gb/s Bandwidth

As a gaming enthusiast, I am constantly upgrading my video card and other PC hardware. The ATI Radeon™ 3xxx chipset was released 2007. The HD 3870 graphics processing unit (GPU) has higher performance than the Geforce GT 440 chipset that was released in 2009. At its release the HD 3870 was one of the high range cards at a list price of $220.

I will be comparing my previous GPU with the HD 3870.

The GT 440 was only 128bit and a 17.1 Gb/s memory bandwidth. (Higher memory bandwidth=better graphics performance)

Compare that to the HD 3870 1Gb's 256bit interface with a 55 Gb/s bandwidth.

OVERCLOCKING: The default processor clocks in the HD 3870 are 830Mhz core and 870Mhz memory. Using Riva Turner©, increasing in 10mhz intervals, I reached a stable overclock at 900Mhz core / 970Mhz memory. This increased the bandwidth to 62.5 Gb/s (+7.5 Gb/second) No voltage increase was needed, which is always perferable to ensure stability and low temperatures. GPU temps were suprisingly low, staying around 60 C.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops™, with the default GPU clocks we benchmarked an average frame rate of ~45 frame/ per second.

With the stable overclock = ~75fps

It is amazing what a used video card can do. We found this one on our local Craigslist ads for a very reasonable price. We enjoy doing business with our community whenever possible, instead of other corporate sources of hardware.

So, don't think you need to break the bank to increase PC performance, sometimes you just have to do a little bit of research and know where to look!

Remember to contact Leviathan Technologies for any questions regarding PC updates, upgrades, and hardware purchases! 

-Review by Alexander 11/07/2011

Leviatech's local & family-friendly workshop!


♦ We wanted to share some pictures of the office. We have a beautiful view of D'miller pond from our workspace. We enjoy listening to PANDORA RADIO® classical symphonies while working to compliment the majestic natural work environment.

We greatfully invite clients over to this local and beautiful office/home, right on the east-side of Olympia, WA. We are confident you will feel right at home while receiving our services! See you soon!


Leviatech is now online.

♦ Initial site is now live. We will only be using this "ad-supported" domain until acquiring our own.

♦ All of our companies information is available here, including services, contact info, and great links for PC enthusiasts.


It is Leviatech's great pleasure to announce the future services of web development!

If you are a local business owner and do not yet have a website promoting your company, Leviatech can produce one for you at very reasonable cost. 

1. Have your own .com domain name for your business

2. Leviatech will host your website on our personal servers

3. You can choose to have Leviatech administrate your website indefinitely for a low cost (price depending on contract agreement)

Our technicians will build your website to your specifications, guiding you step by step in the process of building, editing, and launching your site.